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Fun summer drink: Watermelon Cooler

August 3, 2009


This time of year you will find an abundance of watermelon just about everywhere.  Chances are you might already even have some in your fridge!  Last weekend (as in 9 days ago) I bought a watermelon at the farmers market and we still haven’t eaten all of it.  What to do?

In July we visited my grandparents at their summer home on Washington Island in Wisconsin and we picked up a variety of the local brews.  Someone had the lovely idea of making a number of liquors, including gin and vodka, from wheat grown on the Island.  There’s also a fantastic beer called “Island Ale” which we also brought back, but that may have to be the subject of another post.  The g-parents said the gin wasn’t much to write home about, but the that the vodka is great, so we picked up a bottle.  We had yet to crack it open, and with an afternoon and some watermelon to kill, in addition to a blender, I had a stroke of genius.


Hereby dubbed the “watermelon cooler,” all I did was throw about 3 cups of chopped watermelon (seeds included) some ice, sugar, vodka and lemon juice into a blender and voila!  The first batch was a bit too vodka-y so we threw in some extra watermelon and it turned out really well.  The key is to add a bit of lime juice for acidity and extra flavor.  If you don’t do vodka, that’s OK too; you can make it as is without the vodka, or you can also add some milk or cream for more flavor and texture. Enjoy!


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  1. July 10, 2010 2:16 pm

    This looks so refreshing. Having a BBQ in a week and think this will be on the menu for our specialty beverage. Great way to use up those monster watermelons that end up going bad before we can eat them.Thanks for the recipe!

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