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White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

December 3, 2009

Perhaps it’s not fair to give these cookies the “disaster” tag; a “not what I expected” tag would probably be more accurate.  They tasted great and everyone loved them, but I was disappointed.

My mom always makes chocolate chip cookies with fresh cranberries at Christmas time, and basically all you have to do is take your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and add in some cranberries.  It’s pretty hard to mess up.

Unless you use a new chocolate chip cookie recipe and you wind up with cookies that look like ______ (insert noun here). 

My first batch came out of the oven just before they could have been considered burnt.  Not only had they cooked way faster than I’d anticipated, but they’d run together to form enormous globs.  With each batch I set the timer for a different amount of time, and they all came out with varying degrees of doneness.  For the last batch I didn’t set the timer and instead I opened the oven every 2 or 3 minutes (no oven window for me) to check.  These puppies went from partially cooked/raw to dark brown in like 2 minutes.  Talk about some high maintenance cookies.  And don’t even get me started on their lack of structural integrity. 

On the bright side, I got to use my Silpat baking mat for the first time and that thing rocks.  Granted, it only fits on one of my cookie sheets, but it made cookie transfer from the sheet to the rack so much easier.  These cookies were sticking to the parchment paper, but they didn’t stick to the mat at all.

I originally baked these cookies to take them in to work, but after making them I wasn’t sure.  I don’t usually like to give other people something that I consider sub-par.  I had divided the cookies into “terrible” and “maybe take to work” piles and the next morning when Nate got home, he eyed the “terrible” pile and said “Thank god you messed up on so many!”  Is that a compliment?? 

I stuffed the “maybe take to work” cookies into a plastic container and brought them to work, where everyone raved about them.  Who knew?!?

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

Just make your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, but add in 1.5 cups chopped fresh cranberries and 1 cup semisweet or white chocolate.  Bake as directed.  (If you want frighteningly flat cookies, don’t add in all flour, as I think that was the problem with these ones…)

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