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I’ll miss this…

February 25, 2010

I am kind of sad.  My days as a paid photographer (sort of) are over.  You see, when I was in Ghana it was my job to take pictures while my team was filming entomology training videos.  Basically, I followed the camera man around all day and took pictures of what he was filming.  And when I got tired of taking pictures of whatever he was filming, I started taking pictures of other stuff.

We traveled North to Tamale, Ghana to film the videos because mosquitoes are more plentiful in that area, even though it is the middle of the dry season.  We went into a village to talk to the chief in order to get permission to film the videos, and the minute I got out of the car, at least a dozen small children swarmed around me.  They all wanted to hold my hands (or a finger, as it were), and at any given minute I had between two and four children dangling from my appendages like octopus tentacles.  My fingers got bent, twisted, and pressed to see what color they would become, and my arms were gently caressed by curious little hands.  One particularly inquisitive little girl held my finger, and, gazing up at me questioningly, gently licked my hand with the tip of her tongue.  It was a “Your skin looks funny, so I wonder if it tastes funny too” kind of a lick, and I guess I didn’t taste too strange since she didn’t let go of my hand until I got back in the car.

I didn’t just take pictures of African children.  I also took lots of pictures of cute goats and a couple of self-portraits.  But, to be honest, I did mostly take pictures of the kids since they were more interesting and beautiful than anything else.  However, I do have one picture of this weirdo…..

This is officially the end of my little African miniseries, as I am back in the U.S. and adjusting to the rhythm of life here.  I will start cooking again as soon as I can figure out what to make and what my fragile stomach can handle (still getting over that last bought of crippling food poisoning…).  Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures, and thanks for tolerating the non-food related posts!!  🙂

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