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La cocina española

May 3, 2010

There’s no way I could go to Spain and not write something about the food at least once.  And we did a lot of eating, so there are lots of pictures to pick from!  We started out in Barcelona, where we met up with my sister, Kirsten, and her husband, Massimo.  They flew in from Italy and we spent an awesome three days wandering around Barcelona and Monstserrat.  Kirsten is eating in almost every picture that I have of her– the food was excellent!

Unfortunately Kirsten and Massimo’s flight back to Italy was cancelled because of the craziness with the volcano in Iceland.  We were delightfully oblivious to the international travel cancellations until we went to check out of our apartment and they told us the Barcelona airport was closed.  Oops!  Massimo and Kirsten ended up renting a car and driving back to Italy, while Nate and I took a train down south to Granada.

I like to think of Granada as “The Land of Free Tapas.”  You order a beer or a glass of wine and they bring you a tapa for free!  It’s awesome.  For instance, we went to a restaurant for lunch and the brought us some free fried sardines.  I’d always assumed I wouldn’t like sardines, but these were excellent:

That salad was the only one we ate during our ten days there.  Yet another reason to love Spain!  And then this was the main course:

It’s a good thing we did as much walking as we did because there was lot of fried food consumed on this trip.  Fried food, cheese, wine, ham, pastries and chocolate.  I was in heaven.

Moving on from Granada, we headed up to Madrid, my old stomping ground.  It was a lot of fun to see the city as a tourist rather than a resident, and we went to a number of places that I never even knew existed when I lived there!  A prime example would be a teeny tiny bar right off the Plaza Mayor that sells bocadillos de calamares for 2.30 euros.  We ate there every day we were in Madrid.  These were some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.  And you’ll notice a continuation in the fried food theme:

There were many yummy meals that went unphotographed.  It is nice to not look like a tourist sometimes.

I’ll leave you with  this photo:

[An aside: This isn’t a fashion blog, but I know I’m wearing too much denim.  It’s part of my larger plan to not look like an American  I was going for northern European, perhaps German or Norwegian.]


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