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Busy, busy, busy

September 10, 2010

I have been a really bad blogger lately.  Like, REALLY bad.  Sorry.  I do, however, have a number of excuses… and here they are:

1)  We moved.
2) I had to unpack.
3) I was in Liverpool for work. (Hence the photos.)
4) I was only home for 4 days after Liverpool before…
5) I was in Ghana for work.
6) We still haven’t stocked the fridge
7) My entire family is coming to visit.

There you have it.  The human capacity to rationalize things and makes excuses is quite impressive!

Liverpool was nice, and despite all the stereotypes about British grub, the food at my hotel was fantastic.  Unfortunately it was also quite expensive, so I only ate there once.  But man, was that one meal awesome.  I had a grilled pigeon breast on beet risotto and then baked trout with roasted veggies.  Mmmm… too bad the food in Ghana wasn’t that good.

An interesting thing about Liverpool is that it seemed to be something of a “holiday” destination for the Brits.  The ladies were wearing sundresses and beach clothing, even though it was a) cold; b) rainy; c) cloudy; and d) not near any beaches.  I still don’t really understand it.  Why not go down south, where they actually have beaches?  Or perhaps just go to somewhere on the Mediterranean?  They have all those cheap EasyJet and RyanAir flights, so why anyone would choose cold, rainy Liverpool in August is above and beyond me.   

Hopefully now that I’m back for a little while (16 days to be precise) before I travel again, I’ll get some cooking done!  I really miss pizza, burritos and chocolate cake, so those will probably be some of the first things I make when I’m back in the kitchen. 🙂

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