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End-of-March Garden Update

March 31, 2012

A couple weeks ago I mentioned our plans for the garden this year.  Since then we’ve built two new beds, in addition to a trellis for our viney fruits and vegetables (snow peas, summer squash, and watermelon).  Here‘s the tutorial we used to build the beds.  The trellis might be a little more flimsy than I’d planned, and we’ll see if it stays up all spring/summer/fall or if a good gust of wind blows it over.

[Edit: Since I wrote this there have been some huge wind gusts, and it’s still standing strong!]

The watermelon/trellis plan is also a little bit of an experiment (since watermelons are heavy), but I read somewhere about using old pantyhose to make a sort of sling to support the watermelon while it grows.

So far I’ve planted carrots, beets, snow peas, zucchini, watermelon, cucumbers, and okra.  It has been so warm lately, I decided to just bite the bullet and pray we don’t have another hard frost this spring.  Plus if it does freeze over, then I’ll just replant!  There are so many seeds in those tiny packets, I could fill our entire yard with veggies if I felt like it.  I’ll wait a couple weeks to plant the tomato plants and peppers, since we’ll buy those from Lowe’s (we were too lazy to start the seeds back in February inside) and I don’t want to risk it with plants that cost around $5 each.

If you’re wondering how Athena, our dog, feels about the garden, you’ll be happy to know she loves it.  Seriously.  She insists on being in the middle of everything.  We sit there drilling in screws and digging up dirt, and she has her nose in all and couldn’t be more pleased that we’ve figured out how much fun it is to dig too.  The chicken wire around the beds is to keep her from jumping into them (who can resist soft, warm dirt??), although she still does it sometimes when she and her friends are playing.  She does a little bounce jump to get over the first fence and then over the second.  It’s ridiculous.

This year I’m going to blog about our garden on a fairly regular basis because we’ll hopefully be consuming a lot of fruits and veggies that we grew ourselves.  That is, if everything goes according to plan.  I’m also going to keep track of how much we’re spending on supplies, seeds, dirt, etc and also the dollar value of the produce we get back (using farmer’s market prices, since that’s where we’d by buying it otherwise) to see how much money we save (or don’t save) by having a garden.  This is also something of an experiment, so we’ll see how it turns out.

Right now we’re eating the asparagus (we couldn’t help ourselves…) and some volunteer greens.

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