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Garden Update: May/June

June 7, 2012

Our #1 “crop” for May was strawberries.  I was picking a pint or more every couple of days for most of the month, until I spent the last two weeks of May in Ecuador and then in Wisconsin and Illinois.  I am glad we planted the strawberries in 2′ x 8′ beds since that makes it easier to actually find the strawberries.

The snap peas also maxed out in May, and now they look like they’re starting do die off.  The salad greens are doing extremely well, and I read that you can snap off the top of the plant, leaving the root, and then you have perennial greens.  We’re going to give that a try, although I will sprinkle on more arugula seed in August since my first attempt at “sprinkling” seeds appears to be more like a seed dump in certain areas (based on the massive clusters of greens that have sprung up, compared to relative sparseness in other areas):

There also appears to be some sort of animal that is crawling around in our greens and digging stuff up.  I know it wasn’t the dog since she was inside all day and the holes weren’t there in the morning…. it had better not be that pesky fox in our neighborhood that we hear screaming the wee hours of the morning…

The carrots are coming along and the green parts keep growing, but the beets aren’t doing so well.  Maybe we just don’t have soil that’s well-suited for beets, but they’re pretty pathetic.  The pole beans are growing, and so are some other seeds that I planted… I don’t remember exactly what they are.  Perhaps cucumbers or squash… we’ll see.  Oh, and the okra is coming in!  I think I may have crowded the plants, but I still consider our garden to be one long learning process.  Now I know for next year.

I harvested a bunch of radishes, and they were pretty spicy.  I tried just taking a bit out of one and eating it like that, and I wound up spitting it out in the sink it was so spicy and running for a glass of milk… they taste much better sliced up in salads.

Our zucchini is also starting to grow like crazy.  The bushes just seem to be producing little baby zucchinis and then they start to rot, so we’ve been picking them when they’re little.  We also crowded the zucchini plants.  Lesson learned.

I’ve completely given up on calculating how much we’re saving by gardening rather than going to the farmer’s market.  It was getting really tedious and half the fun of having a garden is standing out there munching away on the strawberries or snap peas right off the plant/vine.

June looks like it should be a promising month, and our blackberries are already starting to get black!!

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  1. June 7, 2012 8:05 pm

    What a gorgeous strawberry! I’m jealous!

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